Film and video production is something that I became interested in about four years ago. I decided I wanted to try my hand at animation. I had no training or expirence, but I had fun figuring out how to do it. I also began using the video recorder on my iPhone to catpure live moments. Some of my footage and animation has been used in both seasons of HitRECord on TV. I have now invested in a DSLR camea, and have graduated to making short films.


Grace Note Music Studio Young Performer Scholarship Video Fundraiser Campaign

This video is my first ever fundraiser video! I filmed all of the the footage and did all of the editing! I am available to contract similar work for those who are looking to make a fundraiser video, commercial, or documentary.


HitRECord on TV Preimire Party @The Fonda Theatre w/Joseph Gordon-Levitt June 12, 2015

I shot this footage at the event from the crowd. It was so fun!

HitRECord on TV Season 1 Live Shoot @The Orpheum Theatre w/Joseph Gordon-Levitt Aug 11, 2013

I shot this footage at the event from my seat A24. The footage of intro to the "RE: The Number 1" episode, made it on that first episode of the Emmy winning HitRECord on TV!

HitRECord Fall Formal @The Orpheum Theatre w/Joseph Gordon-Levitt Oct 11, 2011

I shot this footage at the event from my seat. at the Orpheum! 

Downtown Car Fire

I shot this footage in downtown Visalia. It was used in the "Re: The Future" episode of HitRECord on TV Season 2!

Fish Footage

I shot this footage at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love to watch them swim, so beautiful and magical!



These are all collaborative animations I have done for HitRECord! I dabble in animation, and taught myself what little I know. This is something I have a growing interest in. I have had two of these animations used in episodes if HitRECord on TV! The kaleidoscope animation was in episodes "Re: The Number 1" & "Re" Patterns" of season 1. The deer animation was used in "Re: Guns" of season 2!